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About Storm Chiropractic

Dr. Heather Storm

Dr. Storm is no stranger to chiropractic care, as she worked as a chiropractic assistant for many years prior to earning her Doctorate from Life University in Marietta, Georgia.

Her passion for chiropractic care began in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where she had her first adjustment at the age of nine following a water skiing accident. At a young age, Dr. Storm learned and began to understand the benefits of regular chiropractic check-ups. Since the nervous system coordinates every cell, tissue, and organ in the body, it only made sense to her that it would help alleviate her chronic strep throat and migraine headaches. As a matter of fact, she avoided having her tonsils removed because of specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments and has been migraine free for a very long time!

Dr. Storm states that, “Personal experience with chiropractic care, as well as being Dr. Kirby’s assistant at Okemos Family Chiropractic and witnessing miracles everyday is what ignited that passion inside me. I wanted to empower others with that same truth! The body’s ability to self heal and regulate amazes me; God created us in His image– He makes no mistakes! Once that pressure is removed off of the nervous system, the body can communicate effectively with the brain and awesome miracles take place! That’s truly when optimal healing and function happens.”

Dr. Storm specialized in Beverly, MA under the direction of Dr. Stephen Franson in corrective care, as well as in SE Asia for Dr. Matt Kan & Chiropractic First in the Singapore clinics.

In her free time, Dr. Storm, also a licensed cosmetologist; enjoys doing hair, building relationships, spending time with her special god-daughters and numerous nieces and nephews. She enjoys hiking, swimming, biking and jogging and has completed three sprint triathlons.

Dr. Storm is thrilled to be back in Michigan and serving Howell and the Greater Livingston County area. She is currently welcoming new patients of all ages; infant to elderly.

Dr. Kirby Perrault

Dr. Kirby Perrault is a graduate of the Northwestern College of Chiropractic, now called Northwestern Health Sciences University, in Bloomington, MN.  A native of Canada, Dr. Kirby chose Okemos, Michigan after multiple internships in the Mid-West. Dr. Kirby’s first academic introduction to the United States was with a four-year hockey scholarship to Michigan Tech University in Houghton, MI.  Dr. Kirby regards staying active as part of his optimal wellness program and has continued to play hockey, as well as, water-skiing, weight lifting, running, golfing and biking.

Dr. Kirby would like to share a little about his personal experience with chiropractic. “The biggest change in my life personally from chiropractic care has been the relief of chronic allergies and asthma.  Since getting under chiropractic care twenty years ago, I have not had to take any prescription or over the counter medications. My only regret is not finding out about the benefits of chiropractic sooner.

My wife Julie has been under regular chiropractic care for more than twenty years. She began care with feelings of instability and pain in her low back and found complete resolution.  Julie delivered our six children at home, with the help of a midwife and chiropractic care throughout all of her pregnancies. Our children Teddy, Gracie, Paulina, Toby, Faith, Serene and Walter are all under 16 years old and have been under chiropractic care since they were hours old.  Our pediatrician continues to be amazed at their level of health, especially since none of them have received any vaccinations and have never taken any prescription medications. My family gets their spines checked weekly to maintain an optimal level of function and healing.”

Katie Tarrow, Office Manager

Katie was first introduced to chiropractic during the summer of 2016, when she became a part of the Storm Chiropractic team, and her life has made some pretty significant changes health-wise since then. She used to have a headache every single day, with the pain varying from dull to excruciating. Katie previously worked at a job where she was on her feet for 8 hours at a time, standing on cement floors which caused terrible, throbbing back pain within a couple of hours. Since she started getting adjusted, her headaches and back pain are gone, not to mention that she sleeps better and feels healthier overall!

Katie was previously anti-chiro, growing up in a house where she was told that chiropractic was bad for you and wouldn’t help anything. Now that she has seen chiropractic in action, she is truly passionate about making sure everyone is educated on the benefits that chiropractic care can reap.

Katie currently resides in Brighton. You will most likely see her walking around the Mill Pond with her daughter, grabbing sushi with her family, or at the Brighton Farmers Market in the summer!


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